The BSF’s ability to meet the ever-growing costs of innovative research and the increasing needs of Israeli and American scientists is a significant challenge. Support the AFBSF; we invite you to invest in the world-class research funded through the BSF. Your partnership will ensure American and Israeli scientists continue to work collaboratively on world class, cutting-edge research, advancing scientific knowledge and strengthening the historical alliance between the United States and Israel.

Connect with BSF

Consider inviting a scientist to speak to your organization or at your University. Help us build awareness of research funded by the BSF and of this impactful funding opportunity for Israel and American scientific partnerships.

Make a Gift

Donations to AFBSF are tax deductible in the United States.  Please make your donation check payable to AFBSF.  If you would like to designate your donation, accompany your donation with a personal letter providing your instructions.  Mail your donation and your donation designation  to:

Jill Pace
PO Box 309
Garrett Park MD 20896

We thank you for your important support of scientific research accomplished jointly by Israeli and American scientists.