Through the years, the BSF has awarded more then $500 million in grants in close to 5,000 projects involving more than 7,400 scientists at 375 participating institutions in the U.S and Israel in several key areas including:

  • Health and Life Sciences: medicine, biology, psychology, and biomedical engineering
  • Natural Sciences: atmospheric and earth, oceanography and limnology, environment, energy, and ecology
  • Social Sciences: economics and sociology
  • Physical Sciences: physics, chemistry, mathematics, materials, and nanotechnology

All projects are driven by the BSF’s goal of confronting the scientific challenges of our times through synergies that lead to a greater knowledge and understanding of fundamental and central scientific questions.

BSF-supported researchers have generated significant scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs. Our scientists have produced tangible outcomes – amplifying previous studies of noted researchers and breaking critical new ground on others.

In 2011, Prof. Ciechanover was asked about the importance of his first BSF grant (made in 1985), he stated, “My first BSF grant was extremely important for me and I am very proud of it. The BSF grant allowed me to purchase my first pieces of equipment, and hire my first students. Above all, it gave me the self-confidence to feel that I could make it in the competitive world of science because other people believed in my research on the ubiquitin system, about which very little was known.”

When it comes to the prestige and quality of BSF scientists, the numbers speak for themselves.  Among those who have participated in BSF supported collaborative research projects are 38 Nobel Prize Laureates and numerous Wolf Prize and Lasker Award winners. In 2004 alone, six out of the eight Nobel Prize Laureates in science were recipients of at least one BSF grant, and several of them received almost continuous support for their research.

BSF grantees hail from their respective countries’ most distinguished universities, including: Stanford, Harvard, Caltech, Cornell, and MIT in the U.S.; and the Weizmann Institute of Science, Technion and Hebrew University in Israel.

The value of the BSF grants transcends mere monetary investment. They promote unique relationships.

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