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BSF by the Numbers – the United States View

Have you ever wondered about the impact that the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation makes in advancing key scientific research? Look no further than our new infographic. Every day, we provide crucial funding to scientists whose work will forever change our world. These collaborative projects also promote critical scientific relations between the United States and Israel.



What is the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)?

Founded in 1972 by an historic agreement between the United States and Israel, the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) brings together premier American and Israeli researchers to promote scientific partnership between the two countries through collaborative, world-class research in a wide variety of basic and applied scientific fields. The areas of research include mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, life sciences, and biomedical engineering, among many others.

Since its founding, the BSF has been guided by the principles that science serves all mankind, that science prospers when scientists work together, and that collaboration across borders increases friendship and trust between nations, producing significant scientific breakthroughs.

Most importantly, scientific and technological prowess is fundamental to Israel’s future and to maintaining its competitive edge in a knowledge-driven global economy. Partnering with the U.S. is crucial for Israel’s continued growth and security. The BSF plays a leading role in advancing this partnership.

In a letter to BSF program evaluators, mathematician Alex Lubotsky points out the collateral benefit of American and Israeli scientists frequenting the labs and research institutions of their counterparts – the strengthening of the bonds between our two countries. This is particularly important today, when increasingly on American campuses Israel is at best misunderstood, and at worst vilified. Having ambassadors of goodwill who can speak intelligently about their partners’ culture is critical.

While rich in intelligence, Israel needs the tools to translate theory into reality. It greatly benefits from having access to U.S. laboratories well-stocked with sophisticated, expensive equipment.  This is far from a one-way street, however. The U.S. benefits by having access to a cadre of bright young scientists with different skill-sets, disciplines and approaches to problem-solving that complement the strengths of the American team members.

Sharing the same values, democratic ideals and religious freedoms, Israel has stood as America’s steadfast ally since its founding in 1948. This friendship between the nations continues to thrive through the decades to today.  BSF serves as a fulcrum of this extraordinary relationship. Together, Israel and the United States harness the considerable intelligence of its researchers and scientific community, partnering to produce discoveries that benefit mankind and promote peace.