All scientific projects are driven by the BSF’s goal of confronting the scientific challenges of our times through synergies that lead to a greater knowledge and understanding of fundamental and central scientific questions. The breadth of the BSF’s accomplishments includes . . . Magnetic properties of high temperature superconductor . . . Dark matter and formation of large-scale structure in the universe . . . Theoretical and pragmatic research in robotics . . . Molecular mechanisms of long-term memory . . . BSF scientists have yielded tangible results – enhancing previous studies of noted researchers and, critically, breaking new ground on others.

Just a few examples of BSF-funded projects that have influenced our lives include:

  • Abraham Katzir (Tel Aviv University) and John A. Parrish (Harvard Medical School) helped reduce doctors’ reliance on more invasive surgeries by developing a laser-catheter fiber optic system to guide and focus laser beams within the human body.
  • Yoram Shir (Hadassah University Hospital) and S.N. Raja (Johns Hopkins University) discovered that soy suppresses chronic pain such as that experienced with sciatica.
  • Micha Sharir, Oded Maimon (Tel Aviv University) and Paul K. Wright (New York University) designed mathematical and geometric algorithms that allow robots to work without “stumbling” in environments where obstacles may exist in the robot’s required path – think iRobot vacuum.
  • Efrat Morin, Yehouda Enzel (Hebrew University), Uri Shamir (Technion) and Konstantine P. Georgakakos (Scripps/University of California San Diego) suggested that supplementing rain gauges with radar data provides more accurate predictions of flooding.
  • Alex Weingrod (Ben Gurion University) and Gary Gerstle (University of Pennsylvania) examined how the ethnicity of immigrants determines whether they integrate into the broader society or remain apart, building ethnocentric political clout.

Many BSF funded scientists have received prestigious awards. Browse the list of those who received Nobel Prizes, the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award or are Wolf Prize Recipients. Click here.

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