Mina Teicher to head BSF Board of Governors

Mina Teicher at lecturn

Professor Mina Teicher

Professor Mina Teicher serves this year as Chair of the U.S.-Israel Bi-National Science Foundation (BSF) Board of Governors. This is the second time she has held this important leadership role, “I’m very proud of the BSF and it’s many contributions to the scientific community,” she said.

She is an accomplished professional – researcher, published author, sought after speaker, editor and teacher. With a PhD. in mathematics from Tel Aviv University and an interest in neuroscience, her scientific focus explores the functioning of the brain. A faculty member of the Department of Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University, she previously served as department chair, as Vice President for Research of the University and as Israel’s Chief Scientist from 2005 – 2007.

Prof. Teicher is director of the Emmy Noether Research Institute. She is the Vice President of the International Commission for Mathematical Instruction (ICMI). Previously she served as the chair of the Education Committee of the European Mathematical Society, and the chair of the National Council for the Advancement of Women in Science and Technology.

Said Teicher, “I feel that one must do more than just stay in the lab. Science needs to be managed by scientists. So, I branched out and the BSF has become one of my passions.” She explained that the BSF funds the most outstanding scientists from the two countries, “The United States is the leader in scientific research while Israel is a small country whose scientists are smart and very advanced. The collaboration between the two is extremely beneficial, not just to Israel and the United States, but the world of science in general.”

As she considers her leadership year ahead, Professor Teicher is most excited about the new collaboration between the BSF and the National Science Foundation (NSF), one of the important scientific funding agencies in the United States. “This program is in its infancy,” explained Teicher. “Just started in 2012, our partnership with the NSF has opened up a new network of scientific opportunity. I want to ensure that the program is successful and runs smoothly in its first year, to ensure continuation and growth. Looking ahead, we need to make sure that the BSF can commit adequate funding. I also want to see the collaboration taken into other fields of research beyond the four currently in the program.”

“I am also thrilled to see the launch of the new American Friends of the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (AFBSF),” she continued, “I’ve agreed to serve on the AFBSF board and believe in its importance. As economic restraints continue in both our countries, we need to find new avenues to increase funds awarded to scientists. The Friends role is extremely important so that ‘the best of the best’ are not left out.”

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