Giving Opportunities

The United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) is committed to bringing together premier American and Israeli scientists to confront the scientific challenges of our times, establishing a synergy that leads to important breakthroughs and improves people’s lives.  Through your generous support, you can be a catalyst fostering U.S.-Israel collaboration and partnership in advanced science amongst the two nations. You can help sponsor research in several key areas, including health and life sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and exact sciences.

Through these funding opportunities, you can make a significant and lasting difference today that will impact our world for generations to come.

BSF Designated Research Funds – $150,000 +

Establishing a Designated Research Fund at the BSF provides you the opportunity to promote a specific area of cutting-edge scientific research. You may designate your fund to support research in a general area such as the Health and Life Sciences (medicine, biology, psychology and biomedical engineering), Natural Sciences (atmospheric and earth, oceanography and limnology, environment, energy and ecology), Social Sciences (economic and sociology), or in the Exact Sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics, materials science or nanotechnology). Your gift can also be applied directly to hundreds of worthy research studies focused on cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and other areas as well.

BSF Multiplier Grants – $100,000-$200,000 (Minimum $50,000 per year for two to four years)

BSF grants typically range between $100,000 and $200,000 and are paid over a period of 2-4 years with funding shared by both the Israeli and U.S. researchers. Within the world of research, this is considered extremely modest. The primary goal of the Multiplier Research Grants Program is to “enhance” (supplement) support for BSF awards.

Funds provided by the donor are added to the awards made by the BSF to approved BSF scientific research projects as selected by the donor. Multiplier Grants will only be directed to those grants which were awarded initial funding as a result of attaining the highest scores through the rigorous BSF scientific peer review selection process, and those that represent the utmost levels of collaboration between Israeli and U.S. research institutions/universities.

Multiplier Grants can be established to fund research in one or more fields such as health and life sciences, environment, alternative energy, ecology, to name just a few. Support for this effort will enable the BSF to meaningfully elevate its grants for research projects that demonstrate the ultimate levels of excellence. Increased funding sends a critically important message to the scientific communities in both Israel and the United States.

Innovation in Science Grants Program – $600,000 ($200,000 per year for 3 years)

BSF scientists have received worldwide recognition for their work. Counted among those who have participated in BSF supported collaborative research are 38 Nobel Prize Laureates, as well as 32 Wolf Laureates and 18 Lasker Laureates in Medicine. Some of these and other scientists are involved in research that is referred to as “transformative” because of its high-risk in terms of the chances of success, but with potentially groundbreaking results that can transform our lives.  Although opening up the possibility of significant change, these types of transformative research studies often do not receive funding. They are dismissed by the established scientific community as “impossible to achieve” or “leading to a dead end.” This situation is currently seen as one of the key obstacles facing science today.

The BSF believes that research today will fuel the breakthroughs of tomorrow. And, we believe those breakthroughs will come through the funding of this type of innovative and transformative research. Recognizing the clear need to ensure this type of research can take place, the BSF recently opened a special program to support such potentially transformative research in the quest for unprecedented scientific breakthroughs. Your gift will fund one of these innovative studies for three years.

Visiting Professorships – $50,000 to $75,000 for one year

Sharing knowledge between the United States and Israel in the advancement of science is central to the mission of the BSF. The BSF offers two Visiting Professorship programs that advance and support this sharing of knowledge and expertise amongst the two nations:

  1. Senior Visiting Professorships ($75,000) enable the BSF to bring an established senior scientist from the United States to Israel to spend no less than six-month sabbatical as a BSF Professor. During their visit, the Professor conducts research, and works with students and faculty to share his expertise at his host laboratory, as well as in other institutions around the country.
  2. Junior Visiting Professorships ($50,000) provide the opportunity for junior faculty from the U.S. to come to Israel for a period of two to six months, or for Israeli junior faculty to work in the U.S. for two to six months, performing collaborative research in their host country, while sharing knowledge and expertise.
Young Scientist Awards – $100,000 ($50,000 per year for two years)

BSF Young Scientist Awards are meant to help newly appointed researchers who are beginning their careers and may not yet have initial results to show when they apply for grants in the regular channels. The program aims to help these young scientists establish an independent work and, for many Israelis, preserve the ties they have made while completing their post-doctoral work in the U.S. For young scientists, the start of their independent research is the most crucial period of their career, laying the groundwork for the direction of their research efforts for years to come. In Israel it is also important to note that the average age of most university researchers is much older than other parts of the developed world, such as the U.S., because for years the universities were able to fund only a very few young scientists. BSF Young Scientist Awards help enable a greater number of young scientists, both in Israel and the U.S., to receive critical funding early in their careers.

BSF Workshops and Symposia – $30,000 per workshop

Workshops and symposia provide the opportunity for U.S. and Israeli scientists to come together to share ideas and concepts that can advance their current research and stimulate compelling new ideas for further research. The BSF currently holds workshops in the U.S. and Israel that are open to select scientists and professors. Workshops in the health sciences area also begin with a special “open” day, to which the public is invited to learn about the latest advances in the field in lay terms.

Scientific Advisors Program – $5,000 for one advisor

In the past, The BSF has had only four or five American advisors who helped in the difficult task of selecting the grantees among the some 500 applications each year. Recently, we tripled that number to 15 advisors each year.  The scientific advisors are leading U.S scientists who enrich the BSF selection process. By coming to Israel and observing our work, they are also becoming strong advocates for our work, as well as for Israel in general.  Our goal is to increase the number of American advisors who serve on an annual basis.  Your support of this important program will fund one American scientific advisor for one year including travel expenses to Israel, and a small honorarium.

Travel Grants – $5,000 per grant

The BSF currently awards 20 grants a year to fund short trips by Ph.D. students and post-doctoral scientists to travel from the U.S. to Israel, as well as from Israel to the U.S. The travel allows these young scientists to work directly with leading scientists in the other country who have special knowledge or lab equipment to advance their research projects.